Thank you to those who supported the 10th Annual Cabin Fever Reliever

What an awesome night.  Cabin Fever Reliever2017 is in the record books.  We had a good crowd, probably close to 140 people came and went throughout the evening.  We had plenty of chili and desserts and the baskets were great.  Overall these wonderful folks contributed just over $2600 to support literacy in our libraries.  We can’t say thanks enough to those who donated, attended, bought things and helped out!

Dessert Auction Winner:  Roseanne Jackson for her $100 Lemon Pie

Judges Choice Chili Winner:  Janet Reynolds for her White Chicken Chili

People’s Choice Chili Winner—Linda Jo Hisel


Basket Donor and Basket Winners

Iota Tau—Coffee Bar Cart—won by Tiffany Spencer

Janet Reynolds—Chocolate Basket—won by Brad Barrett

Janet Reynolds—Cardinals & Ice Photos—won by Phyllis Turpen

Les Hodgson—Cake basket—won by Melissa West

Ruth Reynolds—Painting, Notecards & Calendar—won by Ira Mundell

Judy Patterson—Healthy Family Basket—won by Lonna Crook

Cathy Stainbrook—Sunflower Quilt Picture—won by Donnie Johnson

Rick James –Star Wars Basket—won by Judy Patterson

Paula Lauer—A Piece of La Cygne History—won by Janet Reynolds

Library—Let’s make a Dessert—won by Denise Stoker

Les Hodgson—American Girl Basket—won by Jan Stanage

Kate Jackson—Rainy Day Fun—won by Brenda Johnson

Carol Shugart—Let’s go to Beach—won by Bobbi Barber

Dian Dotts—Let’s play in Sand—won by Paityn Curtis

Chris Waddell—Time to relax—won by Meriah Dokos

Connie Capps—Outdoor Play basket—won by Bobbi Barber

Library—Family Dinner Book Club—won by Paulette Howard

Roseann & Ryan Jackson—Noteworthy Basket—won by Dian Dotts

Randy Reese—Western Metal Art—won by Jim Hodgson

Chris Waddell—Royals Basket—won by Dean Hampson

Cadence H.—Spring Basket—won by Pam Christian.


The following people made desserts or chili for the event and we would like to thank them for their contributions.  We couldn’t do this without all of you.  Owen Haverfield, Paula Lauer, Donnie Johnson, Rose Marie Reynolds, Janet Reynolds, Rick Waddell, Chris Waddell, Retia Grant, Lori Ishmael, Dian Dotts, Beverly Burke, Carol Shugart, Ruth Reynolds, John Reynolds, Jeanette Searl, Cindy Creager, Jamie Curtis & family, Sharon Abeyta, Sandy Ernst, Irish Ingram, Keith Stoker, Stephanie Nelson, Linda Jo Hisel, David/Laura Reynolds, Roseann Jackson, Rick & Allison James, Maggie Peterson and Debbie.


A big thanks to Rick James for auctioning for us again this year.  We really appreciate it.  Thank you to Chris Waddell and the judges she had who taste tested all the chili.  Thanks to Retia Grant, Dian Dotts, Jeanette Searl, Cindy Creager, and Carol Shugart for all their help in the kitchen.  Thanks to the library club members who showed up to help or made food donations: Dalton Sylva, Augusta Browning, Amanda & Diedra Nelson, Adi and Mackenna Hylton, Spencer Mitzner, Meriah Dokos, Bayley and Samantha Watson,  John Reynolds, Trevor Curtis, Gracye Wilmurth and Irish Ingram.


Thanks again for supporting the Friends of Library, Summer Reading and PVHS Library Club Scholarship fund.  Together we promote literacy throughout the community and area and because of your generosity and donations we will continue to have fun programs and encourage reading and library use

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