Seed Starting by Nancy Kalman January 25 | 6:30 pm | LaCygne Library (209 N Broadway, La Cygne, KS 66040) Starting plants from seed is the most economical method of obtaining plants, with the advantage of a far greater selection than buying transplants at the nurseries. MdC EMG Nancy Kalman shares her encyclopedic knowledge of all things seed in this annual favorite training.  Topics include seed storage, soil medium and moisture, lighting, germination methods, and timing. Recommendations for transplanting into larger containers and into the garden provide the gardener with the information to succeed. Nancy Kalman grows pesticide-free fruits and vegetables for sale at her property, “Pickings and Pumpkins” in Spring Hill, KS.

For those of you who enjoyed the “Come Grow With Us” series last year, this is a follow-up class brought to you through our partnership with Megan Westerhold and Marias des Cygne Extension. Go to and sign up to participate in this event. Coming in March, we will have a Freezing and Dehydrating Class and in April, a class on composting. Watch for more details.







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