Need to see if we have a book and/or if the book you want is checked out?

Click on link:

Login on the right with your library card number and your phone number that is on record at the library.  (call us if you need help) 757-2151

On the top left, enter your search term, on the drop down box choose title, author,subject or just leave on search all fields.  Click go.

You can now reserve books from home.  

You MUST login to your account   Card# and Phone number.
Find the title, click on the title you want. When you click on it and it expands,  you will see gray boxes, the first one says RESERVE THIS ITEM.  Click that. A white pop-up box comes up and asks how you would like to be notified, by phone or email., then click PLACE RESERVE.  If it it on the shelf, it will be pulled the next morning and put on reserve shelf for you.

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