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Click here for births, deaths, and marriages, as well as other interesting tidbits from the La Cygne Journals. Compiled and indexed by library staff and volunteers. Property of the library.

PDF listing of obituaries, births, marriages from La Cygne Journal

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  1. Chris Bergstrom says:

    I’m trying to find the obituary for Charles Edmund Smith. He died Jul 23 1961 in Linn County, Kansas and is buried at Ninety Six Cemtery. I am hopeful you’re library may be able to locate his obituary. And maybe help me in the process of locating his death certificate?

  2. Thomas L. Harman says:

    Curtis V. McQuigg b. Sept. 10, 1907 Allen Co., KS d. May 10, 1982 – Last address was Centerville, Linn, KS.

    If possible I would like to obtain his obituary, in hopes it will tell me where he is buried.

    His second wife, Georgia Pearl McQuigg b. Aug. 6, 1908 d. Oct. 6, 1992 – Last address was Parker, Linn, KS

    Any information would be greatly appreciated. Any reasonable fees will be remitted.


    Thomas L. Harman

    • Librarian says:

      will be sending you obituary for Pearl Polley McQuigg and the funeral booklet for Curtis. I contacted Pearl’s son and he had that information. He said that Curtis and his first wife Mary are both buried in Maple Hill Cemetery in Kansas City, KS. I checked Find a Grave and didn’t find them listed in the cemetery. Phil said that they have a flat on the ground stone. He said Curtis didn’t have any children. If you need more information, please contact us. The email copies will be coming from lacygnelibrary or lacyg1lb@

    • Librarian says:

      Did you get the email?

  3. June Byrne says:

    How do I ask for obituaries in Linn Co. I have the dates of death.

  4. June Byrne says:

    I sent in a request foir some obits a couple of weeks ago. Could you verify that you got the request?
    Reuben Clearwater died 13 November 1936
    Jacob Clearwater died 11 Mar 1889
    Mary E. Clearwater May 5, 1889
    On the off chance you have some index I am also incuding these two who do not have a full death date.
    Sarah Milton died 1891 Linn Co, KS full date not known.
    Elmer E. Clearwater died. 1905 Full date not known.

    Thanks for any assistance.
    June Byrne

    • Librarian says:

      We received your requests and I know that she found two of them and was working on the others, without full dates they take longer and we don’t have a full time person doing this, so it only gets done when we have a few spare minutes. jr

  5. June Byrne says:

    You said that some of the obits I asked for were too difficult to find but you found two of them. Could I please have the two you found?

    Don’t worry about the others.

    June Byrne

  6. Joan Hostetler says:

    I’m seeking descendants of Joshua and Catherine “Kay” (Hagerman) Shaffer from Linn County. Children were: Lewis N. who married Catherine Ireland; Sarah J. married Thomas Fife; Martha married Joshua Perkins; Elizabeth married Sylvanus Perkins; and Ellen married James Ireland.

    I’d also like to have the obituary for Lewis N. Shaffer, perhaps in your local paper. He died December 9, 1932 in LaCygne. Thanks!

    • Librarian says:

      I have someone checking this for you, hopefully will have some things for you soon.

    • Lonna Shaffer says:

      I just saw your email from 4 years ago so I don’t know if you will get this.
      My Great Grand father was Lewis N Shaffer from Lacygne , Kansas .
      I hope to reach you to discuss this more.
      I live in Texas
      Lonna Shaffer

  7. Andrea Long says:

    Just starting to research on Joseph Waggoner (1831-1882) buried at Star Valley Cemetery, LaCygne, Linn, Kansas and his wife Elizabeth Long Washburn Waggoner. She is listed on findagrave as born 1Jan1832, Carlinville, Macoupin, ILL and died 14Oct1909 buried with Joseph.

    I am trying to determine who her parents are ? Long and Mary (nee?) Long Washburn. She has two brothers Edward and William T. Find them all living in Greene Co., ILL in 1850 along with stepfather and half siblings.

    Trying to break through this wall. Are there any obits?

    Also, look for information on how to obtain her death certificate.

  8. Rachel Rowden says:

    I am trying to find information on Kathy Lou Mills Rowden. She died in 6/22/1981 in NV but is buried in Oaklawn Cemetery in La Cygne KS. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Also looking for obit on Daisy L Mills b.1912, d. 1997, she is also buried in Oaklawn.

  9. Dr. Connie Larkey Ace says:

    My great grandmother, Anna (Cooper) Wier, died in LaCygne on June 12, 1912 of injuries sustained on June 11, 1912, when a tornado blew down their barn and crushed her. I am looking for any newspaper articles, obituaries or other information related to her and/or the tragedy of her death.

    Also looking for information about her daughter, Sarah (Wier) Larkey, who was buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery in 1918.

    Thank you.

    • Librarian says:

      please send me your email address as I have the articles and obituaries from the news paper for you. I will scan and send or “snail” mail you copies if you prefer (send that address) lacygnelibrary (at)

  10. spencer burris says:

    I am trying to find the obituary for Leonard C. Frank of La Cygne who died 2-27-1996. I am on dial-up and I have little success downloading from the big sites on the web. Thanks for your help…SB

  11. Cheryl Faubion says:

    I am searching for the obituaries or newspaper article for Joseph A and Jennie Hooper Edwards who both died November 8, 1946. They lived in La Cygne, Kansas. Thanks

    • Librarian says:

      Please send us your email address so we can send you Jennie Cooper Edwards obituary. We did not find an obituary for her husband Joseph Edwards, her obituary says she was preceeded in death by her husband. We don’t find an obit for him and I called a descendent of Opal Fern Edwards McClanahan and he said they are buried in Pleasanton Cemetery. We will keep looking. Send us your email to

  12. Gina Borland says:

    I am looking for the obituaries for Joy Alphonso Eveatt July 5, 1947 and his wife, Goldie Eveatt died April 9, 1937. The list of La Cygne Journal articles appear to have her death. There is also an article on the birth of a daughter Sept 30, 1936. This family group seems to have been lost to us and only recently found. Any articles you may be able to find and share would truly be appreciated by our family. Thank you in advance for your generosity and time.

  13. Rachel Rowden says:

    I am looking for any information on a couple of people. All I have is the following information:

    Albert F Mills b. 1892 d. 1958 buried in Oaklawn Cemetery in La Cygne, Linn Co., KS.
    Daisy L (Caylor) Mills b. 1912 d. 1997 buried in Oaklawn Cemetery in La Cygne, Linn Co., KS.

    Their chilren that I know of are:

    Kathy Lou (Mills) Rowden b. 12/18/1944 d. 6/22/1981 buried in Oaklawn Cemetery, La Cygne, Linn Co., KS
    Earl N. Mills b. 1940
    Albert F Mills b. 2/24/1937 d. 8/13/1991 (he married Elizabeth Marie Hull)

    Any information on any of the people above would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  14. We are making a genealogy road trip to the Ft.Scott, Lacygne ,Linn Co. area next week.I am looking for records of my James M. Walker family who lived in the area c@ 1860. Where do you I should look. We have census records. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Jane

  15. Carisa says:

    I am at a brickwall! I am looking for an obituary for:
    Nancy J. McNutt d. Aug. 10, 1901 is buried at Oaklawn Cemetery .
    I scrolled through the above pdf for obituaries but there was nothing from 1900-1908.
    I would be forever indebted to you if you found an obituary for her!

    Bend, Oregon

  16. Katherine Ford says:

    Looking for an obituary for the following:

    Ella Marie Lawhead nee’ Cox
    b. 29 Nov 1904, KS
    d. 24 Feb 2001, La Cygne, Linn Co., KS

    Spouse: William “Edward” Lawhead

    Dale Edward/Edmond Lawhead
    b. 11 Nov 1922, La Cygne, Linn Co., KS
    d. 23 May 2008, La Cygne, Linn Co., KS

    Spouse: Hattie Eileen Creager

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
    Katherine Ford

  17. Robert Waggoner says:

    Looking for obit for Joseph Waggoner, buried in Star cemetery, looking for the names of his children and any info on him , his wife, Elizabeth, or any other info on the family.

  18. Bradley Pierson says:

    I’m looking for the obituary of Rosanna (Whitinger) Murphy who died in (Possibly Paris Township) Linn County on 1 December 1865. I was wondering if there is any possibility of there being an obituary for way back then or if there are any other resources I should check to find something similar to that. Thank you so much!

    • Chris Waddell says:

      Bradley, I did some research and cannot find an obit for Rosanna Murphy but did find a listing for her in the 100 Cemeteries and Burial Sites in Linn County Kansas. She is buried in the Linnville Cemetery.

      • Melody Troth says:

        Bradley could possibly contact Velma Peterson in Mound City. She is on the Paris township board which is over the Linnville Cemetery. She may have redcords on this burial.

  19. Laura Elmore says:

    Looking for obituaries for William and Mary J (Vance) Yowell. The database shows her death on 4/5/1932 with the obituary printed 4/8/1932. Williams just shows the obituary date of 5/1/1942. I’m also looking for their burial location. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Are death certificate in Kansas public record? Thank you in advance!

  20. Linda Voss says:

    Would it be possible to obtain obits for 3 people? All three are buried together in Oaklawn Cemetery. Thank you.
    1. Lucy J. (Corbin) Burrus b: May 1857 d: April 25, 1930 m: Charles W. Burrus b: 1853 d: Sept 22, 1941 (He died in Olympia, WA; but is also buried in LaCygne)
    3. Frank Corbin Burrus b: 1893 d: April 30, 1930 (yes, died 5 days later after his mother died at age 36!)
    4. Thomas Edward Burrus b: Nov 28, 1879 d: 1943 (unverified) I have looked for date of death, with no luck! Very little info found on him that is not confused with another Thomas E Burrus!

  21. Chris Hankins says:

    Hello – I would like to obtain the article for Jennie Vandolah as listed in your online PDF index:

    Death Vandolah Mrs Jennie 5/27/1932

    Thank you!

  22. Jim A. says:

    My 3 ggf, Jordan C. Williams, died in Linn County in 1874. The initial probate was filed by wife Ann Bullard Jernigan Williams 04 Dec 1874 seeking to sell their land, with court approval granted 12 Apr 1875. In the 1870 census, they lived in Centerville Twp. (Jackson Post Office). According to the probate records, the land was 10 acres in the SE corner of the SE quarter of section 14, Twp 21, Range 22. Looking at old and new maps, that would seem to put it near the intersection of present day Faucett and W. 1300th Rds. Is that correct?

    He is not listed on Find a Grave or other online cemetery records that I have found. Given that the family likely had little money, where would he likely have been buried and/or where might I seek that info.

    Thanks in advance for any help. I hope to make a road trip there next month.

  23. Angie Stewart says:

    I am looking for information on William T. Brooks and Malissa J. Norman Brooks. The above pdf file had an entry that I am interested in about would like further information.
    The information was located on Pg. 4 of the pdf and is the birth record for Mr. and Mrs. William Brooks 3/25/1887 paper date 4/3/1887.

    I would be very grateful for this information. Thank you!

  24. Cindy Arnold says:

    Hello. I am trying to find an obituary for an Almira Taylor Calvin. She died April 4, 1915. I also would like to know what cemetery she is buried in. Her husband died many years before and is buried in Trading Post Cemetery but I am not finding her anywhere on the findagrave website. Her name may be spelled Elmyra.
    Any information will be greatly appreciated.

  25. Stephanie Grohol says:

    I am seeking an obituary for Frank Stone who died Nov 1973 in Pleasanton, Linn Co., KS. The SSDI was where I received the death date. Appreciate any help and thank you.

  26. K. Mathews says:

    I am looking for information on a Mrs. C.E. Everest or Everett from Prescott, Kansas in the time period 1918-1930. I’m wondering how many people have the surname Everest or Everett during this time period and how I can find out who they are as they may be related to C. E. Perhaps a city directory? Or list of deeds that may identify what the initials C.E. stand for and the name of the wife of C. E. Any and all information on this name is welcomed.

    Thanks for any help.

  27. Chris Bergstrom says:

    I am trying to find the obituary for Edna Patterson Edmiston she died May 8 1965 in Pleasanton, Kansas.

    Also do you have a index for marriage records? I am also trying to find when Charles Edman Smith married Patsy Lou Strong i believe they married in Nov 1955.

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