CORRECTION: Young Historians Performance is July 28th! at 5, 6, or 7 PM

The wrong date was on this site for Young Historians. They have been working all week and they will perform tomorrow, Friday, July 28th at 5, 6, or 7 PM. Please contact the library if you would like to attend one of the performances. We have limited space, so if you want to attend a certain performance, call 757-2151 to reserve your spot.
The kids picked things in the museum to talk about, this year we are talking about more current people, but still some oldies too.
Eleanor is portraying Ellen Norton and her autograph quilt.
Denton is portraying M. F. Leasure and his arrowhead collection.
Paityn is portraying Maxine Maris and talking about her grandma’s organ and school teaching.
Morgan is portraying Carolyn Haupt and sharing about the Christian Church
Brett is playing Turner Gillenwater and talking about his life and war experience.
Mason is playing Kenny McClanahan and talking about softball and trophies.
Grace is playing Bonnie Tolly and talking about her painting of New Life Baptist Church.
John is playing Howard Curry and talking about his life and the Baptist Church.
Tori is playing Blessing Gowing and talking about her life and experience of teaching at Star Valley School.
Corbin is playing Wilbur Armstrong a welder at KCPL.
Easton is playing Shane White a painter at KCPL.
Allison is playing Rhonda Phelps an equipment operator at KCPL.
Marissa is playing Deb Wilson, an employee at KCPL.
Ella is portraying Meredith Rose, and talking about the War Ration Books on Display.

Thanks to Mary Gunn, Ruth Reynolds, Chris Waddell, and Lonna Crook for helping with the program. Thanks to the parents for getting the kids here and helping them practice. Thanks to the Library and Historical Society for allowing this program to continue and thanks to those folks who allowed us to interview them to get facts for our performances.

We hope you will take time to come see a performance tomorrow (July 28th) at either 5, 6, or 7 PM.

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