Come Grow With Us! – Freezing & Dehydrating—Tuesday, March 28th—6:00—8:00 PM

Come Grow With Us! – Freezing & Dehydrating—Tuesday, March 28th—6:00—8:00 PM–La Cygne Library Swan Room

Every fruit or vegetable grown in the home garden reaches its peak at a certain time. The benefits of harvesting and eating produce when at its peak are many. The color, flavor, texture and nutritional value increase as produce ripens. But if you aren’t able to eat produce when it reaches its peak, preserving it through freezing or drying is a great option. Come join Franny Eastwood, Family and Consumer Science Extension Agent and Kathy Goul, Family Nutrition Program Assistant, to learn how to preserve the fresh produce you have grown by freezing or drying it. In this class, participants will find out more about methods, equipment, and recommended practices used in freezing and drying.

Pre-registration is required. Please register online or RSVP to 913-757-2151 by March 28.

Provided by K-State Research and Extension, Marais des Cygnes District, the Come Grow With Us Follow-up! is designed to help families grow, prepare, and preserve fresh produce. For more information on the Come Grow With Us! series visit our offices or

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