7th Annual Cabin Fever Reliever–Sunday Feb. 23, 2014 from 5 to 7:30 PM

We are looking forward to our 7th Annual Cabin Fever Reliever, which will be held, Sunday Feb. 23rd from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM. This event helps three local organizations. The Friends of the Library benefits from the annual basket raffle and they use these funds to sponsor various activities throughout the year. We already have a couple of baskets and we are looking for more donations of baskets to support the Friends group. Bring your baskets in to the library as soon as possible, so people can look them over and buy tickets to win them on the evening of the 23rd.
The Library and the Prairie View Library Club sponsors the chili-cook-off, dessert auction, and cakewalk. The funds raised from these events are split and the Library club gives scholarships to those students who have participated in library events, while the Library will use the funds to help pay for extras for the 2014 Summer Reading program.
Here’s how the basket raffle works. Anyone can donate a basket of goodies to be raffled off that night. Tickets may be purchased for baskets on display. Tickets are $1, 6 for $5, 12 for $10, or 25 for $20. You put your name and phone number on the tickets and put them in the sacks beside the baskets you hope to win. You may buy tickets until 7 PM on Sunday, Feb. 23rd.
We are looking for people to bring pots of chili to enter in the contest. Peoples Choice award is based on the amount of money donated in the containers by the chili. Dean Hampson is 5 times Peoples choice winner. Bring your loose change or big bills and vote for the Peoples Choice winners. We will have some secret taste testers who will vote for the best chili overall.
We need donations of desserts to serve with the meal. Then if you have a special dessert that you think people would like to buy, enter it in the dessert auction. Rick James will be here at 6:30 to auction off the desserts. Every year it’s fun to see what dessert takes the prize for earning the highest bid. There’s a lot of competition for some items.
Last but not least, is the cake walk, which everyone enjoys. You can donate cakes, cupcakes, or decorated cookies. If you have questions about how you can help us, please give us a call.
Best of all—for a freewill donation, you may sample all the chili you want, have a dessert and drink, and sit back and enjoy the fun. Save your $$$$ and bring them to the library, Feb. 23rd and support local library projects.

check out the baskets for the Cabin Fever Reliever!

check out the baskets for the Cabin Fever Reliever!

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