1 K before K (one thousand books before Kindergarten)

Read your baby, toddler, preschooler 1000 books before they start Kindergarten.  Remember if you read Brown Bear Brown Bear 14 times you can count it each time.  Repitition is necessary for learning to read.  You can read books from home, library, church and count them each time you read them.  I know many parents tell me they read their library books at least 10 time apiece before they bring them back.  Come in and the the 100 check book mark and after the first one hundred are done, we’ll take his/her picture and post name and picture under 100 on wall, then you start on 200 bookmark.  We only have 4 signed up so far, so get in and get started.  When they reach 1K then they will receive a prize from the library.  This is in conjunction with our 6 by 6 program!

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