Library Closed July 29th for Summer Reading Party

Anyone who participated in the 2014 Summer Reading Program is invited to join us at the La Cygne pool for our Summer Reading Party.  10:30 to Noon then come down to the shelter house for a picnic.  If you met your goal and haven’t picked up prizes, stop by the library when we’re open and get them.  Thanks to all ….my 35th Summer Reading Program was awesome!

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Program from Young Historians

2014 Young Historians

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Don’t Forget to come see Young Historians

They will be performing at the museum at 5 pm, 6 pm, and 7 pm on Friday, July 25th.  Space is limited.  Please call the library 913-757-2151 to reserve your spot to see them perform at the museum and bring the artifacts alive.  Just a reminder….the museum is now Air Conditioned, so even though it is going to be HOT outside, it will be nice inside.  We have 18 Young Historians who will be presenting at the 5 PM show, then some have to leave, so there will be 14 at the other shows.  They have worked hard this week learning all about history, so come support them.

14 of the Young Historians sporting their costumes.

14 of the Young Historians sporting their costumes.

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July 21st at Library

Mad Science at noon on July 21st
Young Historians 1 to 4:30 PM on July 21st
Program by Ride into History at 6:30 PM (public welcome!)

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July 14–18 at the library

This week at the library!
9:15 Toddler Time
10:00 AM–Monday Morning Math Group 1
11:00 AM–Monday Morning Math Group 2
12:00 noon–Mad Science Program
3 PM–Buddy Reading
10 AM–Preschool Story Hour
3 PM–Preschool Story Hour
7 PM–Annual Friends of Library Meeting
10 AM–Cooking Class
1 PM–Art Class
3 PM–last Buddy Reading
6:30–Story Hour on the Road–LVL
10 AM–Story hour–K-2
This is the last week of Summer Reading Story Hours…next week we have Young Historian Camp from 1 to 4:30 M-F
Monday–July 21st at 6:30 PM–Ann will do a 1st person reenacatment of Julia Archibald Holmes.JuliaB&WAnn as Julia at Wagonbed Springs 
More details to follow on that event.



She is leaving her horses at home, but Ann Birney of the Ride into History historical performance touring troupe will bring a saddle with her to Library District #2 of Linn County for a presentation at 6:30 PM in the Swan Room.   The Texas Hope saddle will be with Julia Archibald Holmes, who will be quick to tell you that the saddle is just for show.  She, you see, walked the greater part of the Santa Fe Trail.

Julia Archibald Holmes is famed as the first woman known to have climbed to the top of Pike’s Peak.  To get to the mountain she walked the Santa Fe Trail in 1858 with a wagon train of gold-seekers, including her husband and one of her brothers.  She caused quite a stir by wearing a bloomer costume (you know, a bifurcated garment . . . trousers, to be blunt–a short skirt over them, but trousers nonetheless . . . men’s garb . . . scandalous!).  Julia wrote of her journey to her mother and to a feminist publication.   The letters to her mother were published in the Lawrence (KS) newspaper.  Those and other letters by and about Julia have since been published by the Denver Public Library.

Julia Archibald was sixteen in 1854 when her family came to Kansas Territory to prevent the entry of Kansas into the Union as a slave state. The Archibalds were well-acquainted with such radical luminaries as women’s rights advocate Susan B. Anthony, abolitionist John Brown, and New England  educator/abolitionist Eli Thayer.  “Bleeding Kansas” was a fitting description for the time, as Julia’s mother saved two of her sons from violent death.  .

When the audience meets Julia it will be more than twenty years after the trip.  Audience members will probably be surprised at how her life changed over the years.

Described as “energetic,” “lively,” “entertaining,” and “authentic,” Ride into History audiences of all ages have praised Ride’s performances for being both entertaining and educational.  Ann Birney, who portrays Julia Anna Archibald Holmes, is an American Studies scholar who researches the history of rural women’s work.  Her doctorate is from the University of Kansas. Birney has taken her portrayal of Julia beyond Kansas to Colorado, Virginia, South Dakota, and the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City.  She has received the Kansas Arts Commission Mid-Career Fellowship and been on state and regional arts and humanities rosters.  She is also known for her portrayal of Amelia Earhart.

You can still read and count your books until July 28th and the party is July 29th for all those who have participated.

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This week at the library

July 7–Toddler Time–9:15
July 7–Group 1 Monday Morning Math–10 AM
July 7–Group 2 Monday Morning Math–11 AM
July 7–Mad Science –noon
July 7–Buddy Reading–3 to 4 PM
July 8–Preschool Story Time–10 AM or 3 PM
July 8–Buddy Reading–3 to 4 PM
July 8–Tweens and Teens–Robot building  5:30 to 7:30
July 9–cooking 10 AM
July 9–Chamber meeting at noon
July 9–Art with Ms. Veda at 1 PM
July 9–Buddy Reading–3 to 4 PM
July 9–Story Hour on the Road at LVL shelter house–6:30 PM
July 10–K-2 Story hour.

It’s not too late to sign up to read.  If you are having problems recording your books let us know and we can record them for you.  If you haven’t picked up your yard sign, please do that, we have several left and need to see them around the area in yards. :)

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Help us by taking our survey

leaderboard_2Starts July 14th….runs through August 4th

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June 30-July 6 at Your Library

This week is another busy but short one at the library. On Monday we start off with Toddler Time at 9:15, 1st session of Monday Morning Math at 10 AM, 2nd session at 11 AM, Mad Science at Noon, Buddy Reading from 3 to 4.
Tuesday, Ms. Veda has Preschool story time at 10 AM or 3 PM, and buddy reading at 3 PM and library will close at 5 PM for monthly board meeting.
Wednesday we have cooking at 10 AM, and Ms. Veda has art at 1 PM, Buddy Reading at 3 and we close at 4 PM, Linn Valley Lakes Story Hour on the Road at 6:30 PM at the church.
Thursday, K-2 story time at 10. Library closes at 6 PM.
Closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the 4th of July holiday. We will resume normal hours on Monday, July 7th. Have a safe and fun-filled week and holiday.

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July Newsletter–make sure you check out events

Click on link below to read the latest library news and to check out the upcoming activities.

july 2014 newsletter

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This week at the library–June 23-27

Start your week at the library at 10 AM with the Nutty Professor Science Show, hang around and read some books and have a hot dog before Mad Science comes in at 12 Noon for the 3rd show of the summer, the first two have been awesome!! Tuesday is Ms. Veda’s Preschool Story Hours, Wed. Cooking at 10, Art with Ms. Veda at 1, Story Hour on the Road at 6:30 at LVL and Thursday morning K-2 Story time at 10 AM. WE also have Buddy Reading on Mon, Tues, and Wed at 3 PM, we need participates adults, teens, children to come read together!
Come join us for science fun!

Come join us for science fun!

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